2419 W. 103rd Street
Chicago, IL 60655
(Next to the 7-11)
7 Days a Week

We Trade

We will accept TWO SMALL BAGS OR EQUIVALENT BOXES per day. Think paper grocery bags, not 50 gallon trash bags. Please do not bring books in trash bags.
Here’s What to Bring:
  • Your gently-used hardcovers and paperbacks.
  • DVDs (We no longer accept or sell music CDs. We haven’t accepted VHS tapes for a decade.)
  • Audiobooks on CD. We do not accept cassettes.)
  • Textbooks and reference books no more than 5 years old. Anything with information that expires must be no more than five years old. 
  • Children’s books
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What do I get for my trade-in? Bookie’s gives you discounts on your purchases when you trade in your used books and other trade items.
  • What kind of discounts? 40% off our already reduced store prices on used books. 15% off cover price on new books. 25% off New Bestsellers (from independent bestseller lists) and new releases of the last six months.
  • Do I have to use it all at once? No. Discount credit is usable on current and future visits until none remains. We’re now fully-digital. Your discount credit will never expire.
  • If I trade in books, do I still have to pay for my purchases? Yes. We don’t give you free books in exchange for your trade-ins. When you trade, discounts are applied as mentioned above
Please bring items in excellent condition:
  • Missing or torn covers or pages, “stripped books”, items that are moldy or water damaged — these items are not acceptable.
  • Hardcovers must have dust jackets.
  • Library books — old or discarded — cannot be accepted.
  • Books must be clean and free of pet hair and smoke, pet, or mildew odors.
This information is provided as a courtesy and is subject to change without notice.
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